Scalar Light

Humanitarian Project


Making health and wellness accessible for the poor and needy.

Helping poverty-stricken communities across the globe heal remotely with our Scalar Light energy healing program.

About Our Program

At Scalar Light, we address disease on a quantum level.

After 30 years of working with this remote energy healing technology, we have successfully helped tens of thousands of our users find hope again after physicians have told them otherwise.

Because of our users’ success, we have decided to expand our charity program to support communities in devastated countries.

For every person that registers for a free trial, we treat one new person in a third world country (30-day free trial)

Our Charity Partner – Phoenix Voyage

Since 2017, we have been working with Phoenix Voyage in enrolling individuals in our remote free Scalar Light Charity Program.

Our work together began when we donated free remote healing sessions to an HIV/AIDS treatment center in Tanzania, Africa.

Today, Scalar Light continues to provide free energy healing sessions to this clinic and has successfully helped patients who volunteered, recover from “incurable diseases”.

Thus far, we have expanded our efforts to Uganda, Mumbai, Tansania, Malaysia and other underdeveloped countries.

Due to this major accomplishment, we wish to expand our efforts to Latin America

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The following testimonials were collected by Phoenix Voyage and translated from Swahili.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tom Paladino for rescuing my life, for sure Tom has been sent by God to help us.”

Lucy Magufa

Lucy suffered from breast cancer for 10 years before she started Scalar Light treatment. She has been told by the Doctors to get an operation. Lucy is now healed and no longer has cancer.

“Many thanks to the Man of God who changed my life, I’m now living with my family happily.”

Enisa Mwembe

Enisa, 34 years old, lives in Sumbawanga Tanzania. She was first tested HIV positive 6 years before starting Scalar Light treatment. After 2 months of Scalar Light, she found healed completely, she is now a healthy farmer.

“My thanks to Tom. Let him continue helping us the poor.”

Elizabeth Kabaka

Elizabeth is 55 years old, and was first tested HIV positive in 2015. After Scalar Light treatments, she is now tested negative.

“Send my thanks to Tom Paladino for helping us the poor.”

Faiton Nzelufile

Faiton was first tested HIV positive 17 years ago. He is now healed after scalar energy.

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